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Why I Ride

OK, you're wondering am I crazy? Yes. You're wondering is that even possible? Yes. You're wondering why? Here's the short version. I'm not a good student, I would not a have passed science school(?) to be a cancer researcher, also would not have passed medical school to be a doctor. I don't have much to offer in those realms. What I have is a passion to make a change and body that I am willing to give entirely to the cause.

When I served as a counselor at MD Anderson Cancer Center I saw first hand the resilience from patients and their families who refused to allow cancer to rule their lives. I saw them let warmth, kindness, and love rule even when cancer attempted to take everything. For some, their stories were marked by triumph and remission. For others, their stories were marked by courage and endurance even until the end. I stood with patients and families through cancer hoping that one day we would stand together on a day when all cancers have a cure. That’s why I ride, and why I feel it’s so important to be part of the fight against cancer.

Texas 4000 is a program of Knowledge, Hope, and Charity that culminates in a bicycle ride from Austin, Tx to Anchorage, Ak. Before and during the ride we educate about how to prevent cancer, spend time volunteering at events and hospitals that promote treatment and fitness, and we raise as much as we can, and at least $4500 per rider, for research and support services.

Please help me. Help me ride for those who fought cancer, and those who are fighting as we speak. Help me ride for the families who support those who fight, and help me fight for the future where cancer is no more.

Thank You

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